Americans: why don't you use bidets?

In view of the millions of deaths caused from hospital acquired infections and the victims of U.T.I, we should STOP nonsensically arguing about bidets and t. paper, while waiting the result of the research that should by now be going on, on the issue of: “Is toilet paper use related TO URINARY - ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS- FOOD MICROBIAL CONTAMINATION ? ( or, nobody wants to disperse around the E. COLI ) When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is incomplete. A feces layer, full of dangerous microbes remains, which soon IS DRIED out and VAPORIZED, so thes microbes overwhelm the near organs, especially in females (one to two women is having U.T. infection), and finally contaminate all HOUSE, its INHABITANTS and naturally their FOOD. The same and worse it applies to hospital wards, where obviously weakened patients are unable even to use properly t. paper. At the same time, in spite of all efforts up to now, in-hospital infections are not uncommon. It is imperative for Health Services and medical staff to give a quick and clear answer to the above question, so if possible, we could face microbes more effectively at their SOURCE. Otherwise they could be blamed for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE .

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