Americans, what do Eurpoeans have everyday that you see as a luxury?

I'm odd, but I just.dont.get the bathroom privacy shit. (Assuming it's a literally safe space where you don't need to worry about being assaulted).

Yes, I'm a wellish off white male and have been pretty much my whole life, I get I can be wrong, but I can be educated and can change my mind in the face of evidence. I've never heard this as a priority need in person from ANYONE but other people like me, and from them I'm not hearing it.

You go to the stall in a public space to grunt out a poor choice at del taco, no one wants to be near you, no one wants to talk about it. You do what you do, wash your hands, go home. There's nothing sexy, nothing social, nothing embarrassing about the encounter.

I totally understand why those who aren't like me could see this as important and will always vote with them, and help them as best I can beyond voting.

Those are NOT the people I hear this being a priority from. It's the dudes what put "No Fear" decals in their truck windows. I completly do not understand why they freak out over bathroom issues, and I fear that "meeting" them here is choosing to ignore a super weird, easy to solve, parent-installed kink if we could just make them talk about it.

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