Americans, what is the rest of the world not ready to hear?

Floridian here.

Florida is just a warning about what lurks throughout the rest of the country.

A lot of Florida-man apologists will try to explain about the "sunshine law." How it allows journalists easy access to police reports, and that there aren't actually that many weird stories. Just easy access to them.

They almost right. The easy access to them does make it more prolific. But there are a frightening number of dangerously weird people here. But the reason Floridians defend Florida so much is because most don't know that kind of crazy Florida man, just the normal people. If you come here, you will most likely not find one of the real crazies. It's not everyone, but it could be anyone. That's where Florida's real horror comes from.

The danger for the rest of the US is this: we have the sunshine law that let's you know about our crazy people. The rest of you don't. You don't know how many crazy people are documented to be lurking in your area. A lot of our population is from families that have moved in to the state. Most of our crazies are homegrown, true. A bunch come from you other states, though. What kind of future Florida-men are lurking in your state now?

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