An adventure in Mozambique

That is terrifying. I had a similar experience in a village outside of Morocco. I’m a white, blue eyed, American female and was exploring the markets alone at night. (I know. Absolutely ridiculously irresponsible and careless. I was very young at the time, 18 or 19 and thought I was invincible.) Anyway, there was a group of carrying on. I paid them little attention, but noticed they were speaking French. They spoke to me in English and asked why I was there. I was polite but short and moved along. A few minutes later I noticed two of the men were following me. I couldn’t make out every word, but I heard one say in French, “eyes color of ocean, teeth, young, perfect” while the other said “but she is too big, too strong”. (I’m 5’11” so I’m not exactly someone easy to grab.)

Before my brain had even processed their words, my legs were already running. They started walking quickly behind me but soon gave up. I went back to my hotel and never went out along at night again.

I was thankful for two things that day: paying attention to those years of French classes and being an abnormally tall woman.

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