As an agnostic, what is something you’re tired of hearing from both, the atheists and the religious?

I get sick of the antagonistic hateful comments about the assumed lower intelligence of all theists myself. To a point I understand, and I also think It's OK to make fun of the Westborough Baptists Church members and the Wahabism, or Judaism literalists among other extrieemisist groups, but not EVERYONE who pretends to have an imaginary friend is stupid. Most of them are at least smart enough to play along so they and their children are not social porias amongst their communities. Their neighbors don't ignore their gestures of greetings and their political leaders will take their calls about community issues. Most people DO get it, God is MOST likely a euphemism for things that were at the time unfathomable or logically impossible in the days the dogmatic tests were distributed and studied and waseant to calm the fears of the population in early history, and they most all know it, BUT they still hope the best bits have some truth in them, and are willing to play along out of respect for their families legacy and their social statuses beingvrepectfull of what their parents thought was important enough to teach them. Modern followers MOSTLY turn their backs on the most abomnatiable of passages and no longer follow the literal books regarding slavery, beatings, honor killings, menstration, pork, lobsters etc, and the most progressive openly accecpt the normalcy of LGBTs as not only capable of being human, but good people too.

And in turn I am disgusted by the argument that people without faith in a higher power are morally corrupt drug using liberals who takethe the morning after pills to murder babies because they hate God and have loose morals.

An atheist inevitably worships life as more sacred than any theist could ever understand. If they don't believe in Hevan or Hell, or reincarnation, or rebirth then they obviously think this lifetime we are all living is the ONLY one any of us will get and is sacred in itself. There is no divine forgiveness for doing wrong, only those you have hurt can forgive what you did to them, no higher being gets you out of doing evil. There is no respawn from the grave NONE, so every breath of air, every kind word with a stranger, every good deed is its own reward regardless of one else knows you did, because you don't get brownie points for being good when you're the only one keeping score. An atheists reward for doing good is to feel good for doing what's right, nothing more.

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