Do an Altered Gut Microbiota and an Associated Leaky Gut Affect COVID-19 Severity?

Using it for COVID, that lands between antibodies & anti-parasite drugs...

2018 Review that covers the influence of the gut microbiome on extra-intestinal infections, and parasites, and includes a chart "Gut microbes and probiotics in controlling parasitic infections":

Gut microbes as future therapeutics in treating inflammatory and infectious diseases: Lessons from recent findings -

Review, Feb 2019: The human microbiota and infection prevention

Commensal Bacteria Impact a Protozoan’s Integration into Murine Gut Microbiota in a Dietary Nutrient-dependent Manner (Mar 2020)

Gut microbiome confers resistance to cholera. Not everyone exposed to infectious diarrhea-causing bacteria gets sick. Interpersonal Gut Microbiome Variation Drives Susceptibility and Resistance to Cholera Infection (Jun 2020)

Pathogen resistance may be the principal evolutionary advantage provided by the microbiome (Aug 2020)

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Gut microbiome's impacts on the immune system:

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