In an alternative universe, a European country is composed entirely of Arabs. How is it different?

I'm not really sure what you mean by "Arabs."

Arabic is a group of dialects or languages. Arabs, at least the way I view them, are people who speak Arabic. Do you mean Arabs of a certain type of religion? How many extras do you want loaded on to your concept of "Arab" for the purposes of this discussion?

A country is a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. So the people in the country have control over it. Are there certain areas in Europe with large Arab populations that can shape their own lives and communities to a certain extent? That might give you some idea of what an Arab European country would look like.

Turks aren't Arabs of course, but they are Muslims and they do have a country that lies at least in part in Europe. Turkey may give a glimpse of what an Arab European country would look like.

If you took some "Arabs" and put them on an island out in the middle of no where, what would the society look like? I'd venture a guess that if the "Arabs" were all Salafis then the society would be very traditional and would be governed by Sharia law, etc.

If the "Arabs" were Lebanese Christians then the island society would look different, more Western and liberal.

If you then take that island and put it in the middle of the European subcontinent, what would happen?

Some of the Arabs might begin to assimilate to European culture, maybe even speaking French or whatever. Some might assimilate by adopting some western cultural norms or political systems, but would seek to remain Arab through ethnic nationalism, like the Baathists, or Turkey to use a non-Arab example. This might lead to inter-ethnic conflict like in Northern Ireland, or Lebanon, or Syria, or many other places. Some might turn in on themselves and their culture and become increasingly conservative and black letter religious.

There are big groups of Arabs in Europe now. What do their neighborhoods look like?

Beginning in the 1400s, Europe started to colonize areas outside of Europe and today that influence can still be felt. Large parts of the world outside of Europe are "European" or partially "European." How have Arabs countries dealt with this?

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