An American Pickup in Europe

I don't own the ranch, it's on a reservation nearby so yes it is pretty much in the middle of a city.

Tell me how I am going to transport tons of chemicals in a van? Tell me how am I going to drive the van offroad? Tell me how am I going to go camping outside of a campground using a van to offroad to the place to camp? What if my couch I am transporting is a little on the large side, do I just leave the back of the van doors open with it hanging out like I see so many people doing around here?

A van is a different tool for a different job, I can't use a van on the ranch, so the only way to do this would be if I bought a van and a truck, and stored the truck at my bosses ranch. Even then it wouldn't work as sometimes you need to get stuff from inside the city.

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