An analisys and some theories about Five Pebbles' weird imagery.

I love this theory and I have a thought on why some of the image is so scrambled, missing and weirdly discolored. The rot of course. As you can see in the a lot in section 2, bottom/left of 3, everywhere in section 4, 5 is fine maybe?, bottom of 6, some around 7 plus possible chunks missing to the sides, and with 8 crumbling. Plus, there is a ton in between all the sections. I do think some of the voids are part of the design of 5P but some look suspiciously empty. Also, if section 4 is the location of the taboos it explains why it’s so blotched out. 5P was aiming for them, explaining the perfect squares around the max karma. Until, It got out of his hands, becoming the rot. Spreading from there. This can also maybe be seen as a sort of map of 5P. The lower sections of the code seem missing or corrupted, so too is the lower regions of 5P. The discoloration may also be active rot. This would indicate that the middle (above 7) would be 5p’s “unfortunate development” region.

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