In an attempt to dissuade graduate students from voting "Yes" in the upcoming vote for unionization, University of Pittsburgh has released an anti-union "FAQ" that is not just incredibly biased, but is also subtly threatening

I don't really see them as entwined at all. The only time I see the humanities in science is when the humanities are nosing into things they know nothing about to express opinions that are usually irrelevant or occasionally demonstrably false. The humanities are a part of everyone's lives, sure. Even scientists face the human condition. However, I don't need to think about anything humanities related when I'm purifying proteins. It's just not relevant. You want to talk about the ethics of slaughtering billions of bacteria? If these bacteria are expressing human proteins does that make them partially human? Are humans ethically special? The answer to all of these questions and more is 'step-off or we'll de-fund your department.' On the other hand, even scientists have to deal with being human. We go home, we read a good book. We vote and have views on what it means to be a democracy. We make jokes, tell stories, and sometimes even struggle with existential questions.

Even Doctors don't think about medical ethics because they're trained not to look at things from that perspective -- they solve what's wrong with you and prescribe the best thing they can, and they have no reason to think about you the person inside the body. Same with experimental ethics. You know why we treat mice well? Because not treating them well is known to mess up our experiments. I don't know if you want to call it egotistic-altruism, pragmatically-driven-ethics, or what have you but we're not required to look at things from the philosophical perspective you're talking about, and we still end up with the 'right' answer - or the closet thing to it if you argue there is no right answer. Most scientists and doctors see the required ethics courses as a waste of their time.

The only time I can think scientists have to deal with the humanities is in communicating the results dealing the department politics, which is an important and regular part of our work, but ultimately a rather small part too. Hell if work place politics takes up too much time we start thinking about finding a new job. I get that maybe all you see of what we do since that's what people are social about, but the vast majority of my time is spent trying to understand the physical mechanics of an experiment.

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