An Audience of 50k!

It is a platform that offers a turnkey affiliate website with the click of a few buttons. The websites have preexisting layouts and functions made specifically for affiliate marketing so let’s say you want to build a product comparison and review site (golf gear everyone must have) or cooking recipes, etc., there are already page templates with this so you just need to go in and customize the content for your needs. It is packed with features and the latest plugins, server technology, etc., all built on WordPress. The idea is to eliminate the hurdle of traditional affiliate marketing monetization which requires you to buy hosting, buy a theme, set it up, research/buy/install/manage plugins, customize your theme, add content, keep stuff updated and working,... the list goes on and on and is real tedious work. Most people will give up by this point because the cost, technology, setup and management (before you even get to content) is ridiculous. Our goal is to get you to making money faster with less hurdles and also save you money on the development and hosting cost. Essentially, if you go the traditional (currently only option route) you’re going to be spending a lot more time and money already doing it so might as well use my platform that lets you do it faster, trouble free, with the latest technology, and for less money. You just pay a reasonable hosting fee that you would already be paying outside of my service. My platform also allows for you to create multiple sites to monetize your audience and/or attract new organic affiliate traffic through long tail keywords ranking. Example, if your really into golf and found that the keyword “best gps rangefinder” is searched a lot but has low Seo competition, you can buy the url “” and instantly build your product comparison site that had affiliate links to say amazon products or whatever affiliate network you belong to. You can literally be launched and adding your content in a few minutes. If interested, send me a message with your email so I can keep you on the growing interest list.

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