They say that an authentic New York slice of pizza is the best pizza in the world, does this hold up? What is the best pizza in your opinion?

prince street pizza (pep square though). rubirosa. marta. pasquales makes good pizza too sometimes, all in ny. ive heard raves about Lucali but its such a hassle getting a table I havent gone in yet.

The water makes a big difference when working doughs. The thing about ny pizza is that its so thin you taste..the pizza taste?Not too much bread, enough sauce, and a good amount of cheese. The dough is a vessel and not a plate? funneling that sauce and cheese in with the crust became so much better than holding a mini brick of a slice that you have to work around. Its like someone got a hotpocket and a slice of texas toast with marinara and said "pick one".

I worked with this italian dude that would make the best pizzas ever, so imo literally wherever he is it is the best pizza guaranteed. CHEF SALVATORE fucking amazing pizza i am never the same

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