Is an expectation of 0 CLABSI's reasonable?

Had to attend a RCA over a patient with c-diff. Pt. Had been on the unit for about 23 hours before I came onto the floor, hadn't even clocked in yet when the tech got called to the room to clean the pt up for, according to her, the hundredth time. I told her to get a sample and send it to the lab. It came back positive for c-diff. Next thing I know, I have to go to a meeting and get bitched out for the c-diff being dinged as hospital acquired. I'm like, "dude, the pt had an admission diagnosis of diarrhea. I just came back from vacation that night and got the sample sent. The ED could have gotten the sample, 2 shifts before me could have gotten the sample and you guys are blaming me? " I mean, they were happy to have the patient go undiagnosed and possibly die than to have this on their record. It's obscene what goes on.

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