An hypothetical rescue incident - choose your adventure!

I'm not a firefighter so this may sound... interesting.

  1. Request an ambulance, another appliance, and a hydraulic platform/turntable ladder/aerial ladder platform as available.
  2. Put the 7m ladder under the casualty's legs and send the probie up to prevent them from falling off. Give them the 15m line to make a makeshift harness. Tell the roofer's assistant to foot this ladder.
  3. Throw the 30m line over the building to the other side and give the medic one end.
  4. Put the 9m ladder up to the left of the telephone wire attached to the property, fit the medic with the fall arrest harness attached to the 30m line and send them up with the roof ladder. They move across the roof to the casualty using the roof ladders.
  5. The 2 on the ground go round the other side of the house and use the line over the top of the roof to brace the medic, who attends to the casualty as best they can until the other appliances arrive.
  6. When appliance 2 arrives, assuming they have exactly the same kit as you, get one guy to take over from you supporting the line. Get them to deploy their 7m ladder next to yours to send up another guy, get your probie to come down and send up their medic in his place.
  7. Call the non-medic firefighter down from the roof.
  8. When the ambo arrives get their backbrace stretcher or scoop stretcher, and send it up with a firefighter using the roofer's ladder. Swap the medic on the ladder with a paramedic from the ambulance. They get the casualty into the stretcher as best they can and tie them in/on with a 15m line.
  9. If you have a platform/ladder coming, await it's arrival and use it to egress the casualty. If not, then fully extend a 13.5m ladder and use it to form a "ramp" down to street level.
  10. Attach a 30m line to the stretcher, get your medic off of the roof and get the second 30m line attached to the end of the first line at ground level. Then have 4 guys at the back lowering the stretcher down the ladder, plus one guy on the ladder in front of the stretcher.

That sounds fine, right?

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