To give you an idea of how poorly SAW: SPIRAL ($8.7M) opened this weekend, let's remember that deep in the heart of the pandemic last August, with maybe 30% of theaters open vs. 65% today, THE NEW MUTANTS debuted with $7M.

Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate ran the Saw series into the ground themselves. Firstly they fucked over Saw 3D by literally firing their director like 2-3 weeks before shooting because they pulled some last minute clause to get the Saw VI director back because he had signed on to do Paranormal Activity 2 and this was a way Lionsgate tried to have PA 2 delayed so that they wouldn't compete against eachother.

It's also been known that Lionsgate and Twisted refuse to let the Saw films run past 95 minutes after Saw III came out. Spiral is the longest Saw film since Saw III debut, and the run time is only 93 Minutes, that is ridiculous to me.

They have fucked up the series so much it makes me angry and they have no clue what the Saw audience want. I think it was somewhat ambitious and interesting what they tried to do with Spiral, but at the same time why re-hire the same writers that failed to reboot the series with Jigsaw? I'm not putting all the blame on them because I know that Lionsgate/Twisted also told the directors of Jigsaw that they basically couldn't have any creative say in the film besides filming the script they were given.

The series thrived the most when it had the least amount of tampering which was Saw 1-3 because they knew they couldn't fuck with the vision Leigh and James Wan had for the film, but as soon as they left Lionsgate/Twisted did not give a fuck about quality or making the best film out there. Just how much money could they make, which obviously makes sense but at the same time they should have some integrity in the movies they create.

I think that they could have made a very successful movie if they had done a little better here. The best thing that could ever happen to the franchise would be Blumhouse gaining control of the Saw franchise, but I don't see that happening. Lionsgate and Twisted seem to want to retain ownership and I'm sure 5-10 years from now will try and reboot the series again.

If this makes a decent chunk WW I could see them actually even doing another saw movie within 1-3 years from now. I do think the only way that the Saw series could be successful again would be to get Leigh or James back on board, but it sounds like neither one of them want anything to do with the series at all anymore.

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