An impatient camaro driver causes a huge accident


When I saw this, I, in all honesty, thought "well, this wouldn't shock me if the same shit happened in chicago!"

People are are fucking CUNTS behind the wheel! Fucking asshole cunts! Drivers here don't give a fuck about you, they don't care how hard you slammed on your brakes, how you're not even in the right-fucking-lane, they will cut you off and if you do that to them, the world comes crashing down.

This video is no surprise to me. Do you even know how much bullshit driving I see on the roads on a daily basis? Nothing happens to me because I move on over and let people go.

Just 4 days ago, some girl didn't want to wait until I crossed the fucking parking lot!! She hit her gas and nearly hit me. I slammed on her hood and asked wtf if she saw me and she said she did. I asked her if she gave a shit about the fucking pedestrian walking 20 ft to her car and she gave me this look of "calm down". No, I'm sorry, but when I hear your engine and exhaust go full blast to pass me before I get in your way and you almost hit me, not even clip my leg, I mean center of her car on my legs... No bitch, I'm NOT going to calm the fuck down.

This is typical driving in the greater chicagoland area. They do NOT give a fuck about your life or that you might have a fucking family. People here, when driving, see a car and don't think "oh this person is in my way." No, they think "obstacle."

When people ask me how I like it here vs California, my answer is always the same "I really hate the general population of Chicago people because they don't care about anyone but themselves".

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