An In-Depth Analysis: Why Nexo's token is worth $1.97 (at minimum)

I think that your post is more an argument that CEL is overpriced, rather than NEXO being under-priced. There are countless more examples of tokens that NEXO is overpriced relative to than under-priced, if you compared most of the crypto market to CEL - which has massively pumped recently - then you could argue that most of the crypto market is under-priced.

Both CEL and NEXO have pumped out of proportion to the general market recently, if you are looking for under-priced tokens using the same metrics that you are using there are plenty of other tokens that you could make better arguments for.

In reality, alts trade more like a popularity contest. There are pointless coins with massive valuations, and great coins with terrible valuations. And every coin has their moon boys telling you why their coin is under-priced and that "whales and institutions" are buying....and want their moon post "cross-posted" (aka spammed) to multiple subreddits.

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