An insightful Zen Koan I wanted to share

As you know I have spent many years studying consciousness etc. It is an undeniable fact that our experience changes our brain - neuroplasticity. There is much to reject in Western culture but to completely dismiss the contributions of science to our understanding of the natural world seems unfathomable to me. Why do all these 'awakened' people, immediately start discussing their experience in extant languages and terminology from cultures that existed a thousand or more years ago? If these experiences were genuine would they not be able to discuss it in our modern language?

We cannot say for sure how these difference may affect consciousness because we do not yet really know anything significant about it.

I think we can know alot about consciousness, in light of what we know about our physical brain. Knowledge that historical cultures had no access to. But I am obvious in the minority, in fact I seem to be the only one who does not use extant languages to describe my experience.

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