An interesting guy to say the least, idk how low you gotta be to do this.

we shouldn't endorse violence.

But my year would peak if there's a follow up video of some guy buckling him after being coughed on. A reaction like that would be completely valid.

Rubbish. There's no excuse. If he was in the Changi POW camp and was being given orders by the Japanese guards, he'd damn well comply and follow the rules. Once he twigged that there was beheading or a bayoneting in the works for not complying he'd be as meek as a mouse and would comply as all there did. All this rubbish about anxiety disorders, ADH or being so tough or dangerous that 'I just black out and go crazy man' would disappear, because its almost all a 'put on'. He's just a low lout who hasn't had the good belt across the head that he needs.

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