An interesting viewpoint

Firs- One hundred and two thousand people have made the decision to live in SB. There are wealthy neighborhoods with half a million (or more) dollar homes. Middle class neighborhoods with homes ranging from $80,000-$250,000 and a number of neighborhoods that are unfortunately unstable and have issues with crime. If someone working in SB proper lives outside of the city limits and in another city that is a choice. A different choice than us one hundred and two thousand people have made. We have families, careers, etc. It is 100% a valid argument to point this out.

This was not some random conversation at a bar with someone. This was a person who first decided the city he works in and does not live in needs "saved" - from what? Never says - then this person decided a private University that is wealthy should "save" said city where he chooses not to live. Then he felt so strongly about this that he took the time to write an article and submit it to the local paper. That's not just an argument it's an attack on a city.

Second - Of course money could fix shit around here! In fact the lack of money is a lot of the cause of our problems. That's not a point worthy of an op-ed. It would be like writing and op-ed saying "if people in SB shot at people less, fewer people would get shot". No shit Sherlock.

Third - I really don't like situations where Person A believes Person B should help Person C. Maybe that's just a personal thing but if you're in such belief SB needs saving (again not enough to actually even heaven forbid live in said city) come up with what you can do to help not just point to the wealthiest organization around and say "you guys fix it"

Fourth - He didn't even have any good ideas for what ND should do! Give people raises? That's great but I doubt one employer giving 30% raises would save us from our systemic issues (doesn't meant they shouldn't do it). The other idea was simply "keep doing stuff like Robinson Center" not even do X. If you're going to write a letter to someone saying they should take their money and save someone else, at least be specific!

I appreciate your comments. I just really disagree. This wasn't a good article even if ND should be doing more for SB.

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