An "interesting woman with a brain."

So I read this to my boyfriend and at first he thought it was some feminist being sarcastic and smiled when I said it wasn't. Smiled bigger when I said it's not wrong. Said he loved me when I said I needed to work on what I say in public. Then he told me I only had one to work on so I'm doing pretty good.

I've always been really embarrassed that I had to medically withdraw from college and lost my STEM scholarship because of my severe Crohn's Disease. He has told me from the beginning that I should be proud I got as far as I did and he didn't care if I had to stay on disability forever and he'd work as long as I took care of stuff at home and was willing to put my check on bills instead of blowing it.

I've been lurking here for awhile and I think I might be swallowing the pill. This post may have pushed me over the edge. This guy is awesome and I want to keep him. I think this sub and philosophy might make things run even more smoothly for us.

Thank you.

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