Be an NPC in my game!

If you want one for a sidenote of ridiculous flavor in your worldbuilding:

Annarie Lehtaparna Elf monk of the Lehtafalissi: the Order of Freedom on the Beach. These fighting monks are all about maintaining physical and mental harmony. They practice bodily acceptance by wearing only strategically placed shuriken pouches into battle.
If you feel like some Nudist Beach Monks, Annarie is serene until she tears off her robe and charges into a fight yelling "pants are for the weak!"

Tirivanion Cartwright Half-elf cleric of [insert god of death here] Somewhat neurotic magical mortician, generally usable as a contact or informer about the nature of death and resurrection in your game. He carries Saint Ogavin's Toe in a small reliquary as his spellcasting focus, and is very embarrassed about having to invoke it. Fond of steamed buns and polka music, dislikes seduction attempts and being The Toe Guy.

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