An old friend of mine just had her first single played on the radio. Her reaction is beautiful. You are awesome Jayme!

That hasnt stopped EDM, rap, metalcore, punk, etc yet, why should the rules be any different for pop? Girl is trying to do what she is passionate about, sure, it probabaly won't be a national hit, but I can identify with those emotions since I felt that way when I was younger and my band was on the local radio. This thread is full of cynical shitbag comments that fail to see that she's proud of the work she put in to her art and she wanted to share it, regardless of if everyone likes it, she's trying her best to get exposure, assumingly because she'd like to keep pursuing music. I get it if people don't like the song, it's not really my kind of music either, to be honest, but it's so weird to see this site get huge boners for shit ass remake movies and shitty indie video games, but when someone makes music that happens to be a genre they don't listen to, they are suddenly the authority on taste.

My apologies to you, I don't mean for this to be directed at you personally, it's not, you are just down far enough in the comments that I've grown tired of the negativity for what is otherwise a simple and cute video that everyone here seems to want to shit on, but ironically tomorrow Thursday front page will be some overused meme or some news about a new garbage superhero movie and everyone will be cumming themselves over it.

Fucking kids need to take a step out of their own personal bubble and realize that other people have interests and tastes different than theirs, and just because you don't 100% vibe with it doesn't mean you have to shit on it.

This is why we can't have nice things.

End rant, sorry again, this isn't about you, I'm kinda drunk.

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