An open plea for guidance and communication with a loved one that is an INFJ

Your advice here kind of makes sense, and kind of doesn't.

You write " No indication her marriage was abusive. You're both going to shit all over her husband because...why not amirite?"

Why not? You make it sounds like he's just doing it for funsies.

When he wrote this huge screed about how in love he is with the woman.

Is it his fault she doesn't love her husband?

if her marriage was "abusive" it would be ok to poach her, but because it's not it's not ok?

That's kind of arbitrary.

Which brings me to the crux of your advice:

" Neither of you has any clue as to what love is. You think infatuation and lust is the same thing as love. You both should stop dating anyone and focus on building a set of moral values. Any values, just as long as they're at least consistent."

Your advice is basically for them to "get some morals".

Which, of course, means - get closer to your morals.

But what makes your morals more valid than theirs?

You'd prefer a world where marital contracts are enforced/policed and affairs and divorces don't happen.

But is that better?

Is that more moral?

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