Anand Giridharadas says the US has been hijacked by billionaires

Over the last century, possession of x ounces of marijuana has been regarded as a felony by various states and the federal government.

In the 21st century, possession of over 1 billion dollars in assets should be a defined as a state and federal felony offense and recognized by the species as an obvious crime against humanity, while marijuana possession should be recognized as the harmless non-crime that it is.

No legitimate justice system should enforce draconian drug possession laws against poor people on the one hand, and enforce kleptocratic levels of wealth possession on the other.

What we have now is an anti-justice system, which has enslaved the human species to kleptocracy, dropped humanity's collective IQ by 30 points at least, and created enormous amounts of unnecessary downstream suffering and dysfunction in the process.

That kleptocratic levels of wealth possession should be legally prohibited should be at least as obvious as the legal prohibitions of murder and slavery.

Our predecessors in the 19th and 20th centuries had to fight to abolish slavery and establish the 40 hour workweek in the face of all manner of opposition from stupid people and vested interests.

Likewise, humanity's major fight in the 21st century is to abolish plutocracy/kleptocracy and put an end the unbelievable injustice, dysfunction, and stupidity forced upon it by plutocratic/kleptocratic institutions.

The major difference being that this time around we have a much better scientific, cultural, and technological inheritance going for us, meaning our fights need not take as long or be as difficult or costly.

Well within our lifetime we can end plutocracy/kleptocracy and have greater social and economic justice, a standard 32 hour workweek (at least), a sustainably habitable planet, a significantly smarter species, and a lot more fun.


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