Andrea Dworkin had it exactly right (quote from "Woman Hating")

No need for apology. I feel you and I know you’re certainly right.

It’s just astounding to me that no one sees though. The guy is treated as a complete Jesus. When I left him people were posting subliminals on their socials about how “people be crazy”. I was really talked around like a complete loon and I’m pretty sure he tried to package me as such, as having emotional problems to preserve his image and make clear i was the issue not him, yet another form of abuse.

There are signs- an ex wife who won’t even stand next to him in pictures. But Incant believe how hard it flies over everyone’s head.

You have my sympathies because i only dealt with it 8 hrs a day for a year or 2 and it was a complete mindfuck. I can’t imagine dealing with it 24/7

The really frustrating part is I was whispered around and laughed clowned as a crazy and mentally unstable for being at odds with him by everyone. Even trying to explain the situation makes me look like a crazy hysterical woman

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