Andrea Riseborough gets in over Deadwyler and Davis

Like I said, every country has issues with racism. At the very least, I rarely see reports of Asian people literally spitting, attacking, and harassing people on the street regularly...I literally got attacked in Germany by a white lady on a tram during Covid. It's very rare, for example, in Korea, to hear stories about Koreans randomly beating up or killing a person because of their race. There is also anti Asian sentiments in the Black community. I do think the huge difference in Europe that makes it more upsetting though is Europe literally colonized a lot of the world at some point and also has a much longer history of immigration than a lot of Asian countries and yet you take a country like the Netherlands, and the way they treat their Asian communities is pretty upsetting to say the least. The denial of the racism is what makes it bad. A lot of Asian countries actually admit that their countries can be racist, from what I've seen whereas people in Europe will literally tell you that its a figment of your imagination.

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