Andrew Gillum, 2018 Florida governor candidate, charged with fraud

“Gwen Graham lost because she was white” is definitely one of the shittier takes excusing her for losing to Gillum

Maybe it was flirting with a Republican running mate?:

Or failed branding and ineffective messaging:

But first she would have to win a primary, and it’s not clear whether Democratic primary voters want Graham-style civility and moderation in the Trump era. They might prefer more fire and fury. They might look for liberal crusaders who can use Trump-style theater and Trump-style tactics to fight Trump’s policies, rather than empathetic consensus-builders who pledge to reach across the aisle to get things done. Trump won because he knew how to put on a show, stir up a crowd and fuel the anger of his base, and some Democrats are looking for candidates who know how to do those things from the left.

Or thinking this was going to put her over the finish line in a Democratic primary:

Levine, by contrast, has spent $11 million on ads so far. He’s got strong support in Miami and Tampa already and Orlando is too tight for one candidate to prevail, Eldon said. To win, Graham will need to take a page from Gov. Rick Scott’s playbook, and run up the margins in other areas like the panhandle, part of which, Graham represented in congress.

It’s crazy how many excuses people will make for her failed campaign

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