Android Police Review: The Pixel 5 is not enough — and way too much

It's going to get discounted in a few months anyways too. Just like all other Pixels. I'm 100% positive you will be able to snag a P5 for $600 or even $550 before Jan 2021 during certain sales events.

So most of the negativity, only really strictly follows people who are early adopters, who are also in the US. (Thanks VZW)

I personally think $700 is worth it. It's why I have one on order. I paid $1000 for my 128GB 2XL. So the $300 less for better performance, better design & aesthetics, same camera quality (with an extra wide angle), same screen (in smaller foorprint).

I would have wanted to wait for the inevitable deals. But my 2XL's battery is dead. 2-3 SOT with extremely light use. 30min -1hr with normal use. I can't use it heavily at all w/o my battery bank. I can drop 100-20 with just 5 mins of recording video lol.

This device won't meet everyone's criteria. Which is fine, it's normal. But a lot of the negativity is subjective that's being touted as objective. There's a difference and it's something that has grown prevalent in reviews the last few years in tech.

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