Andy Burnham says Greater Manchester 'unanimously rejects flawed Tier 3 restrictions'

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Andy changed from being like a brother to a ghost to me. I don't like saying it because we were very close for many years, but he chose to hurt me and then never gave me a reason. Ghosting is quite cowardly and so his true colours were shown in the end. Maybe one day I'll find out what I did to make Andy so mad that he would throw away our friendship. We were extremely close from year 5 through secondary school and were in a band together for those 4 years of secondary school. We kept in touch and hung out every couple of months when we both moved to Manchester, but then one day he stopped answering my calls. *Fun Fact: when I first asked Andy if he could 'spend the night' (we had been friends for only a month at his point) he said "you mean sleep over?" In the same way Tom Hanks said that innocently in the movie BIG to Elizabeth Perkins. I don't harbour any ill will towards him, just sadness at the death of a great friendship. If it was I who made the mistake, then so be it, but I'll never know unless he chooses to clue me in at some point.

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