Angel wants Husk to give into his temptations, fanart by artist Rae (@jigokuhana89)

I have to agree, even though I personally may not like it, I find it really hard to hate since aside from the shortcomings you just described, I can’t see I find it really hate-worthy if you know what I mean. As I stated in my response to vegetarian here, I believe there can be a middle ground where people can enjoy fan-content which has incorrect interpretations and such, as long as they don’t use to parrot misinformation and ruin discussions for other people and aren’t participating in truly harmful things such as ships which erase the sexuality of a character like SpiderMoth or RadioDust. I maybe not completely 100% correct in this stance but I do think there can be some level of nuance in the debate of fan-content, that doesn’t have to be all or nothing exactly.

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