Angela Merkel identifies the U.S. as a global rival

Ya, like I said, I don't necessarily blame Germany in siding with Russia... it's their natural choice, if they want the power to be free of the western hegemony. America certainly isn't going to give Germany the ability to rise up for a third time 100 years, if they can prevent it.

And, the situation has little to do with Trump(although many people do like to attribute every single bad thing in this world to him, even if it's existed for 100 years prior).

Remember when Obama's CIA got caught spying on Merkel? Why do you think the CIA is doing highly dangerous spy missions on the German Chancellor? It's probably because they have a lot to fear, if they're willing to take that risk. That fear existed long before Trump. And it will continue to persist long after him.

Good to see you read the article. Germany said the same about Russia and China as they did about the US.

My point is proven by what you say. We're in the same situation in the lead up to WW2. Nazi Germany and Soviet Union HATED each other. But, their desire for self determination, and territorial/power expansion trumped that ideological hatred. With modern Germany and Russia, there is much less ideological opposition to start with, compared to pre WW2. So, if anything, Germany and Russia's relationship stands to be even closer than the relationship they had, that led to WW2. Maybe this time, Germany won't stab Russia in the back. Maybe this time, instead of the Russians siding with the allies, the Germans and Russians will remain allied.

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