Anger over sacred Australian Aboriginal tree bulldozed for highway

I think there is some value in sentimental but no, I don’t think it’s that powerful. Yeah, I should try to be more succinct. Quite a bit of duplication and yeah, I am trying to work this one out. Sure, I have had someone close to me pass away and sure, I will be sentimental at a few of our old stomping grounds and sure, places like cemeteries and battlegrounds or where your loved one passed away or you had some special moments there and sure that can be a exponential for an entire culture or even a tribe or family or even over generations but sorry but I am not attached to generations of history and don’t regard such sentimental value as profound as is displayed by this example and many others. Am I incapable of it - of course not but is there a vast chasm between holding some sentimental value to someone who has passed away and blocking million or billion dollar projects... without conceding that the sentimental nature of the relic/artefact can be moved... often easily or at cost that can be covered. But it must be there, it must be exactly as it was - and I think in that regard, it’s not my lack of comprehension at all but an emotional and ultimately over the top reaction rather than compromise... it’s not all about money off course, but money can make huge improvements to people’s lives and to hold those sentimental dispositions to withhold the improvements seems selfish and short sighted... I would prefer to work that line of reasoning out but all you guys have is - your an ass... you can’t get it... it’s pathetic.

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