Angry Mob Terrorizes Black Family Falsely Accuse Them Of Stealing Car

If I’m coming off a way in my replies that’s causing you to respond in such a negative manner, then I apologize as I really am not trying to be rude or dismissive, especially when it comes to your life experiences.

I’m just asking as I don’t have actual knowledge on the subject matter, plus all of the info I have read, which I have already admitted was limited (and via google) makes it seem like it’s not as cut and dry as it’s being made out to be.

Separate of this topic, as it has already been steered off its course, wouldn’t you agree that it would be foolish to just take it at your word and NOT ask for sources? And what is wrong with trying to seek a greater understanding, and why does it warrant your negative disposition?

This is a hypothetical scenario (though I would guess it has likely happened) and I’m sorry, but I have done no actual research (separate of googling a few articles) on what would happen if a person fatally responds to another and who only responded in such a manner because the attacker made it seem like they have a gun and intended to use it to kill. I also don’t have enough experience with the subject matter to draw a complete and defensible conclusion one way or the other.

Lastly I didn’t say anywhere or insinuate that I think it’s okay to fuck someone up with your car and call it self defense.

…But fuck me for trying to interact with another person reasonably I guess.

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