Anime with western animation standards?

It's kinda ridulous to pull a Western animation has standards compared to anime when you have shows like Steven's Universe that go regularly off model.

Anime as a whole will have more sakuga or top notch animated scenes that most Western animation and usually more detail. Though in some shows this leads to more still frames to accommodate it or the mass of anime that come out.

Your best bet if you want high production values is to stick to more film content for the most part though there are quite a few TV anime that have high production as well.

Two I would check out a film and show that have incredibly high production.

  • Mob Psycho (2016) Action comedy about a psychic boy and his mentor a con artist fighting other psychics and the various spirits that plague their city while he learns to grow as a person.

Mob Psycho 100 OP

  • Redline (2009) Adrenaline the anime. Film is just basically about this massive death race and has some of the best animation ever.

Redline Trailer

  • A Silent Voice (2016) Deals with redemption group think, bullying, living with a disability and suicide. Film has some awesome shots and an unbelievable soundtrack. I would also read the manga after finishing it (as the movie skips over stuff).

A Silent Voice Trailer

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