Announcing RP-PVP In WoW Classic

i played on rp and rp-pvp, rp-pvp realm was all about world pvp guilds and having rivlarys. a 2v2 fight could turn into 40vs40 if the right guilds were involved. RP existed on rppvp realms but not as much as regular rp realms. rp realms is just like a pve realm except it has rp centered guilds. i never was involved in rp but its mainly you name your character something it might be in your races lore. make your own story of him, they added role play addons where people could click on your name and see your toons backstory. on rpvp realms there was guilds claiming territorys and what not. they make the game funner. when wod was having a content drought i was busy having fun hunting enemy faction guilds and trying to start guild skirmishes

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