Annual Stadia Subscription

You seem fine making lots of assumptions when they justify your position?

  • I'm just buying a PS4 pro now? That gives me just over 1 year of playing it before something better comes out. There's almost no chance I'll break even on that if I want to play the latest games at their best settings.
  • "You decide you will be investing $40 a year in PS Plus on general principle" Is the "general principal" you're talking about that I want to be able to play multiplayer games online? And I'm terrible about getting deals on Xbox Live, I always forget to the last moment, then I can't login and I just pay the $60/year. Or maybe we should also assume that there will be deals sometimes for Stadia too?
  • We have no idea how many games will be on Stadia Pro. Personally, I haven't found the games on PS Plus or Gold to be worth it. But on the other hand I'll definitely play Destiny 2's new expansion.

But even ignoring all those assumptions, in the comparison you wrote, Stadia Pro comes out wayyyyy ahead. There's no way I'm going to buy a PS4 Pro at this point at that price, it's way too expensive for the limited amount of time that's left before something better comes out. I'll end up paying over $400 over the next 18 months and then I'll want something new.

That's really my only important point. With a console there's risk because you pay for all the expensive hardware upfront, and the hardware never gets better (sometimes it breaks and you need to buy it again if you're out of warranty). With Stadia you pay for the hardware monthly, so even if it's $120/year it starts off much cheaper and it takes awhile for the cost to break even with other options.

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