Anohni slams Pitchfork Over Hopelessness Snub

I love the four "and the Johnsons" album and when I met her at a tiny show she lovely and gracious.

This year it's like, she's expecting something. Entitled. I hope not to offend anyone in saying this, and I'm not insulting Anonhi, but it seems like she wants to be the de facto champion of the trans community (-I'm sorry if that's an improper word) and when she doesn't get recognition--which is rare! Critics DEVOURED Hoplessness. In a good way--the immediate reaction is something about how the world just isn't tolerant towards trans people. -Fact of the matter re. her upset [sic] over the Grammy not being invited to sing at the show; It's simply that her musical style doesn't, at this time, has a performance style her style doesn't lend itself to a Grammies-scale show, not hesitancy to include a transgender person. It's just that her performance style--especially the songs from Hopelessness (which lowly I thought sort of just stumble-bumbled through trite political and environmental axioms to lame melodies, minus a few bangers).

I definitely don't think "W

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