Anon Has His Assumptions

I did. I don't know what you guys watched. I'm not white or black, so I have no horse in the race, but to me, the movie very clearly showed a technologically superior black state opening its borders to help the world out of goodwill, not out of necessity. The impression that they were able to keep up such good governance because the outside world didn't interfere with the black people was very, VERY strong. There was a halfway antagonist who was white and they contrasted their existence with the poor conditions of black people in America.

The last part is not false representation since it is literally true. But the impression of an impregnable utopian nation state was a bit nonsensical. I would've been more sold if they'd shown that the technologically superior culture had a lot of faults (except for one random scorned half blood prince). This wasn't a kid's movie. I need more life like scenarios.

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