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Probably because they have because they have been oppressed similarly around the world. As for your second statement, well, its extremely vague. (((Other))) could refer to a number of groups, but for the sake of having something I can actually talk about, I am going to assume you are referring to the immigrant Asian families who so notoriously foster academic successes. In cases like these, and even other ethnicities, so long as the distance from the home is great (like with African or south american immigrants), the parents often have a strong work ethic which is what enables them to move in the first place. These are people who often go to America for a chance of success that they likely will not experience (just their kids), and have a shitty job in their home country (the reason for wanting to move transcontinentally in the first place) and so you should note the sort of mindset needed to be able to save up for such an expensive journey with full knowledge of the fact that the you won't live long enough to experience the benefits. It follows then that people with this sort of self-discipline would inculcate a similar sort of goal-oriented self-discipline in their children.

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