anonymous twitlonger about EE

Feels like some rando wrote this, doesn't make much sense tbh

in one game he paused and said "lets cheat"

Yeah... Envy teams have had some weird pauses sometimes but I'm pretty sure he would never call them cheating even in private. I don't think he's done them in the last few years either but I could be wrong on that, just really doubt that he would straight up call it cheating even in private.

Not really sure about the racism stuff. Would not be surprised to hear a lot of pros do / have used that type of language in the past, kinda weird that he would talk like that but that's honestly the most likely to be true here considering how silly the rest of the stuff seems.

The blaming part seems the most absurd to me, despite that being the main narrative of the TT kick. Why would he team with Sneyking in so many teams after CoL if he apparently blamed him for everything? He even stuck with Sney while he was swapping around roles... does not seem like someone that Envy thinks is bad / the reason for all his loses.

Also its been said ad nausem but apparently it needs repeating, Envy can't just kick people on his own, especially on a team he joined and didn't even form himself. Its likely he instigated the kick but its not like he forced Brax and Mike to go along with it, they ultimately decided to go along with it for whatever reason.

The only year Puppey got last at TI was with EE

They also won a major together earlier that year and, according to the EE Secret blog (assuming its true) Puppey wanted to keep playing with Envy post TI, it was Envy who wanted to break things off. If you have that much faith in Puppey then I'd believe in the guy he believed in. Especially when this narrative ignores the other members of that Secret TI team like Bulba who, despite some coaching success, has generally done poorly despite getting multiple opportunities on top tier teams (Secret, Liquid, EG).

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