Another corner cutted, really nice move wotc.

It's meant for

What does that have to do with anything? Wizards said they'd give us the cards. We quite reasonably expected to get the cards and some of us made decisions with that knowledge in mind. Now, Wizards says we won't get the cards.

You clearly don't need the starter decks anymore.

From my comment, you can already tell that I'm missing at least 11 shocklands (I think it's actually 20). I'm also missing a massive amount of other cards since I started with War of the Spark. While I technically don't "need" these cards since I have at least the 60 necessary to make a playable deck, the rares and mythics I expected to get would have gone a hell of a long way to letting me make competitive decks. Alternatively, the wildcards I threw in the trash because I trusted Wizards to keep their word would let me craft the duals I'll still be missing in a week.

But I would rather WotC give it elsewhere

What are you even talking about? It's not like there's a limited supply here.

while I got punished.

Who's getting punished when Wizards gives me the cards they explicitly told me they were going to give me? These things you're saying are nonsensical.

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