Another earth flag (since, what the hell, while we're at it...)

So, I wanted something a bit different.

I went for a design that had up-down symmetry, since this would be flown in space, and there is no up or down in zero gravity. Our flag should be right no matter which way it's viewed. Keeping the idea of it "flying" in space in mind, I decided to use a lot of vibrant, visible colors (green, red, gold, light blue, white) but I set the whole flag against a darker blue color because I think it looks nice. The blue circle and the white circle in the gold field (obviously) represent earth.

The triangles on the mast side of the flag are Pythagorean triples, with side lengths of 3, 4, and 5 (this is what the red dots on the triangles mean). I chose to include this because math is the basis of all science and space travel; it's very important and so it should be involved in our flag in my opinion. Also interesting to note is that I used a golden rectangle for the flag's dimensions because we're humans and (supposedly) the golden rectangle is the most aesthetically pleasing to us. I used red on green because it's a very sharp and unusual contrast that catches the eye.

In the middle of the flag, I created a white, nordic-cross-esque 8-pointed star. I based it off the nordic cross style of flag simply because I really like how they look.

Green is for life, White is for clouds, Blue is for water, Gold is for the sun, and Red is for vitality and beauty.

Sorry if you notice some weird shadow-y things on the edges of some shapes on the flag, or the fact that the flag isn't nearly as polished as one would like. I'm not very good at and so this should be viewed as a "draft" for how the flag would look. If I were a design-software-pro it would look a lot sharper and prettier, but sadly I'm not.

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