Another Gamergate argument, from /r/OutOfTheLoop.

Kotaku ran an article about a sexual harassment lawsuit against Brad Wardell because it had implications on the industry, as he was a CEO being accused by a former employee. If that happened anywhere in any industry it would be reported. They also published the apology his accuser wrote. Quinn was just a developer of a game that I admittedly didn't play, and a private citizen who fucked up. But you have your own narrative, which I guess is fine. And sure, they definitely should have pulled the Hogan video.

feminist propaganda

I'm not a woman, but seriously, propaganda? What is this, soviet Russia? Do I believe video games make people misogynist? No. Do I think feminists can ruin gaming? Fuck, no. People are going to play the games they want to play, and devs are going to produce them no matter what feminists say. I will say that, even though I love GTA, we can all admit that women are poorly represented in the series, and that it's not necessary to depict them all as manipulative as they are to make the game fun or entertaining. I do think some feminists take it a little too far when they hypothesize that violence in video games promotes violence in real life, but really, isn't the sensible thing to do in that case to ignore them? I mean, they aren't threatening you, or hoping that you get raped or anything, are they?

Read the wiki. Quinnspiracy is still laughable. A bunch of journalists talked about what they should do and then just did what they were going to do anyway. The story about the guy that got fired is unfortunate and absolutely noteworthy, but I seriously think being anti-feminist because of this case is really just picking an excuse. It is a matter of management fucking up, but probably has more to do with the story's timing, considering a person had just attempted to kill themselves. You might not see MRAs driving women out of the industry, but I see them driving your narrative. I really think the idea that it is about 'journalistic integrity' is hanging on by a single thread that's been inflated way out of proportion, and most of what I read about it, even from GG sources, has been just plain anti-feminist.

Shit, I might would even be on the GG side if not for all the anti-feminism rhetoric, but it seems like the GG side of things thinks feminists can't also be gamers or ethical journalists, and the people they tend to rally with are just total asshats. That wanting even subtle social progress in games, like decent female and/or trans characters is anti gamer somehow. I respect a few GGers, for instance Total Biscuit, well enough, but look at the amount of asshat trolls associated with the movement. I mean, seriously.

I would also like to add this, because I think there has been a great deal of confusion as to the definition of feminism. Feminism is not anti-gamer, it isn't anti-male, and it isn't anti-cis-white-male either. In it's purest form, it is just this:

"the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."


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