Another old man assaulted in a grocery store.

HoW wOuLd CaRrYiNg HeLp YoU? Did you fill out your reddit posting permit with the local UK police? I'm sure being a british person you dont understand protecting yourself with a firearm or the need to protect other people. Any bystander can be a hero. Any person witnessing this could have stopped it if they were armed. This racist piece of shit shouldnt get to walk around thinking that he can just punch elderly people because they are white. What a retarded fucking question. "Why do they need guns?" We have the right to protect ourselves and others here. That's fucking why. You are such a "roll over and take it" Bitch. What do you do in a home invasion or robbery? Throw rocks? Get your fucking "its cheeeewsday innit" headass outta here.. "Blimey I don't brush my teeth and have problems with the freedoms that americans have". Bystander bitch. I'm soooo glad that you retards are all over there and have no say about what americans get to do. I couldnt imagine walking around with such horrible teeth hating on the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Your country is overrun by a bunch of femboy cucks. Your country once owned so much territory and was proud and strong. Now your country is a bunch of self hating retards who cant even defend your land or homes. Fucking plebeian.

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