Another post about the traffic

You can blame other people when it's their fault.

The first one, in October, we were backing out of a parking space at Costco and the woman parked behind us wasn't paying attention when she flew out of her space and backed into the back of our car. We were 90% out of the spot when she hit us. A guy came from across the parking lot and gave us his card, saying he saw her fly out of the spot. Insurance determined her to be 80% at fault. We were only 20% at fault because neither of us saw her moving before she hit, which we had no time to see her.

The second accident, in December, was at about 5:30 in the morning on my husband's way to work. He was at a stop light and when it turned green, the guy coming up behind him didn't stop and rammed into our car. His car was totalled and he was 100% at fault according to his insurance company.

Now this third one, my husband was at a stop light when he got hit. The guy said his foot slipped off the brake. He is accepting full responsibility. The damage from the first two accidents has not been fixed, so an insurance claim would give us nothing, or total our car.

My husband is not the greatest driver, but as someone riding in the car with him, I can tell you that this is not the kind of accident that I would expect him to be at fault for. I understand I'm just some random internet stranger, so there's no way to prove anything, but I guess I felt the need to defend us.

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