Another search for Kyron Horman to take place this weekend

I know this is a old case and a old thread- its pretty convincing that Terri is guilty. I believe Terri Horman is a pathological liar akin to Donald Trump. She has far too many excuses as to why she failed the lie detector. The things and actions Terri took clearly indicate neglect toward Kyron. Its simply too implausible that Terri had a story prepared as to the timing surrounding Kyrons disapparance at the school. Kyrons father clearly was fooled as well, as he didnt realize the danger his son was in and has admitted as much, pointing the finger clearly at Terri. I believe all the 'connections' Terri had should have been investigated more. Nobody talks about the truck, if it was seized, and the whole murder for hire plot and the $10,000 not to mention the man Terri was involved with 3 weeks after the disapperance. Im sure those have been explored by the authorities. Terri is simply getting too much benefit of the doubt. If Terri had been a man, the police probably would have made an arrest by now. My theory is that Terri set up the picture at the school to cover her self, as other suggest. Since the area has been searched time and time again, its possible that Terri arranged Kryrons kidnapping in a more sophistocated way. She possibly took him to a private area and had someone else take him to another state. My question is, if Terri is guilty, Im assuming the police have offered Terri some kind of deal where she would serve a reduced sentence if she cooperates with authorities? All we can do now is wait while the search continues.

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