Another self-hating Asian talking down on her own people and saying how Asians are “privileged.” Do they not see what’s happening in our society these days?

No my truth is showing! I’ve been in gyms, Korean cafes, and hell even just In and Out and each time I heard Asian women discussing their ideal man as white.

You’re agreeing with people saying that Black Americans are violent and this and that shows you truly haven’t lived. The reason many Asians are in this country is bc they left violence in places like China, Japan, Korea etc etc, you all communities have “gangs” and violence as you said in another post.

You’re about to be homeless and your focus should be on finding housing not trying to figure out why Black women are at carnivals are wearing traditional carnival clothing. Every race has ignorant people but you trying to single out a few black women who refer to themselves as certain names is juvenile. Our ancestry is mixed, many of us do have other races in us, you don’t get to determine who has Asian in them and who does not!

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