Another SIM Swap Disaster

Man, on the one hand I know I should buy it because if the price suddenly goes nuts I'll be happy I have it. But on the other hand, DCA less than this every week into Bitcoin and I'm fucking cheap.

Maybe I can DIY something similar.

Then again, how many years does permanent marker last on metal? I can get two pieces, write the words in the middle, drill two holes and then put pad locks on each side.

Only problem I have with all these options is it's the same issue I'm having with a safe. It looks important so someone taking it and figuring out how to access later is still an issue. But this is safer than a piece of paper, period, so I should do this to protect from normal wear.

Thanks for getting me to think about that much at least. My cheapness might not allow me to buy this though lol. I'm still poor on the inside.

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