Another sock puppet rant. Yes, I'm a sock now too.

This post and all the responses below are so illustrative of the hive mind of the AdnanSyedisguiltycamp. Adnan was convicted by a jury so he's guilty! Ignore all evidence to the contrary.

Someone, anyone, doesn't matter who, sock spots and says that's Summer! So it is Summer, regardless of all evidence to the contrary. /u/CollectcallfromAnan is not Summer (look at the post history for fuck's sake, it really is obvious, /r/NarcissisticRebound??? ). /u/JMGreen33 is not Summer (another fucking obvious one). I don't remember who else you've accused but none of them are Summer either. You guys latch onto a theory and it doesn't matter how much evidence there is to refute it, it becomes the truth. And you're consumed by it. Distracted enough to lose focus on the case or move on from the sub, both of which are awesome!

Never mind the known fact that there were 2 people sharing the Summer/Mutton/Oh Snap/Mustache Ride etc handles, one guy and one girl. Not subtle, guys, look back at the posting styles. Not similar, not in the least. And not a secret either.

/u/alientic , you should know better than to fall for this bullshit.

There is someone still controlling things behind the scenes, and she has more socks than number of subscribers to this sub. She's the one who gave Magnet screenshots to TomLandry, she's the one who told JWI that the mod in serialsub was badmouthing her, she's the one who told /u/InTheory that the Magnet mods deemed him a troll, she's the one who gleefully outs and identifies socks to the guilters, she's the one who outed /r/thebonnerparty. She's probably bored to tears over how the case has stagnated and the overall lack of drama, but never fear! She will again jam a stick into the beehive that is /r/serialpodcast and get you guys buzzing again. Who knows what it will be over next time. She's the one probably sending hate PMs and then gleefully watching everyone blame others. She's far too smart to get caught, she's still here, and no doubt you know who she is. She's not going away, so don't anticipate things to get better.

But what do I know? I'm just a toss away.

Edit: I see you guys have driven off /u/collectcallfromanan . Good job. You successfully harassed a completely normal guy off the sub.

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